Quotes from Reviewers
Interviews include:
Geraldine Ferraro
George McGovern
Willie Nelson
Robert Redford
Ralph Reed
George Stephanopoulos
Michael Stipe
Studs Terkel
Hunter S. Thompson
John Waters
among others...
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A captivating, cross-country adventure brought to life by two young women who take the road to explore and expose the American Dream. Armed with a Powerbook and a couple of cameras, filmmakers Gabel (writer/director of Golden Globe nominated A Love Song for Bobby Long) and Hahn (Executive Producer of Academy Award winning The Departed) find themselves driving recklessly through the back roads of Aspen with Hunter S. Thompson, chilling out with Willie Nelson on his tour bus, musing with Robert Redford in the mountains of Sundance and inadvertently breaking the rules in the West Wing -- all the while chronicling the people they meet along the way in gas stations and diners. Anthem is a unique and irreverent time capsule of the American Spirit at the dawn of the 21st century.

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